We have recently opened up our ‘Brand Protection Branch’ at Jai’s Security Services Pte Ltd. We welcomed aboard a senior anti-illicit trade consultant, who has worked with major multinational corporations, specifically from the tobacco, pharmaceutical and apparel industries. Our newly appointed consultant was a former Narcotics Officer with the Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore. He has extensive experience in Investigation, Under-Cover operations, Surveillance, Source cultivation and liaison work with enforcement organizations around the APAC region. With his knowledge and expertise and the aspiration of the company to become a leading service provider in Brand Protection, we are confident of reducing counterfeit activities that harm our clients’ businesses.


  • To identify locations and shops selling counterfeit products. Upon confirmation, to issue a stern warning to shop owners to both remove the display of counterfeit products and to immediately stop the sale of them. Periodic checks will be made to ensure shop owners comply with warnings.
  • Failure to comply with ample warnings would then warrant legal action to be taken by our in-house lawyers.
  • Intelligence gathering – At times it is best to go after the main suppliers of counterfeit goods rather than single shop owners.  This would require a prolonged and detailed intelligence gathering operation. It may require implanting undercover operatives; developing listening posts to gather vital information on the modus operandi of the counterfeit syndicate and their counterparts.
  • Carrying out of due diligence work.
  • Conducting a comprehensive market survey to verify, confirm and see the extent of counterfeiting of a particular product and then formulating a strategy to resolve it; for example, by improving package security.
  • Conducting joint operations with enforcement agencies to crack down on counterfeit activities.